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Diversity and Inclusion 3- Hour Storytelling Workshop

Try out this one of a kind workshop to improve company culture and your DEI program impact. Up to 15 participants.

Dream Team 90 Minute Workshop

We use people analytics to help your team improve chemistry and dynamics through gaining a better understanding of eachother’s behavioral attributes. Up to 10 participants. 

Authentic Communication and Movement 1 Hour Workshop

Learn authentic communication and conflict management skills, get out of your chair, and enjoy something completely different! Up to 10 participants. 

1 Hour Leader/Manager Coaching

Get a taste of our coaching approach with a customized coaching session tailored to your needs. Includes 360-assessment. 


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“You understand change deeply! In all of my years of experience, you are the best coach I have ever worked with.”

– Mona Pomraning, Senior Manager at Accenture

Leadership Coaching Styles: Fixing Vs. Collaborating

There are many different styles and approaches to leadership coaching, and there is no one right answer that will work for every client! However, in this article, I'd like to show the distinction because two styles, through presenting a recent story from my own life....

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