The Transformational Coaching Intensive

You helped me transform my way of thinking, which changed all aspects of my life, not just my career.  I don’t know if I could have done it without your empathy and support!

Amrita Somani, Biologist, UCSF

Are You Leading in Your Life, or Falling Behind?

This year has been a year of tremendous change for all of us. Are you where you want to be in your life and career right now? If not, it’s very likely due to one or more of the below:

1.  You don’t have the right MINDSET

2.  You don’t have all the skills and know-how that you need

3.  You’re lacking the support you need

Lucky for you, our program covers all of the above, and more!

Our Transformational Coaching Intensive does a deep dive assessment into your life to look at your career, your lifestyle, your day to day behaviors, your relationships, and your beliefs. From there, we diagnoses the root of what’s holding you back at lightning speed, and then helps you solve those issues, one-by-one, with proven strategies and best practices. Through our specialized tools and highly effective training strategy, we transform your life to one designed for fulfillment and greater income. 

Our program includes: 

Ultimately, we help you quickly identify what’s not working and solve it, using a multidisciplinary and measured approach.



We combine unique expertise in…


Data and Analytics

Business Strategy

Neuroscience and Behavior

…And Some Creativity and the Arts

Top 5 Reasons to Find a Career Coach in NYC

As a career coach in NYC, I have found clients often come to me when they are already fed up and frustrated. They have tried things on their own already: spending hours applying to jobs online, perfecting their resumes, reaching out to people on Linkedin. Yet, nothing...


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