Don’t Let Poor Communication and Collaboration Get in the Way of Business Goals

We believe in harnessing the full power of people. Our approach to communication coaching is unique in that we combine hard and soft skills.  First, we collect team and individual data points through surveys across the organization. Then, we use our predictive analytics tool to understand the strengths and weaknesses that will determine a manager’s success. Using those insights, we develop a 3-month roadmap for dramatically improving performance.

Our approach includes: 

  • Utilizing multiple methodologies including DISC, Leadership Circle, MBTI, and Gallup to understand individual leadership strengths and weaknesses
  • Assessing business and strategic priorities to see how well a certain profile fits to achieve organizational goals. 
  • Collecting 360-degree survey data from across the organization as applicable
  • Developing a 3-month strategy and roadmap with specific exercises, behavioral recommendations, and milestones
  • Implementing a personal dashboard to track progress towards performance metrics and ROI


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