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Why do 75% of Change Initiatives Fail? We Help You Win With Our Holistic & Proven Approach to Organizational Change 

Culture + Data + 360° Change Management
You understand change DEEPLY. In the past 14+ years of my career, you are the best change management professional I have EVER worked with." Mona Pomraning, Director and SME, Accenture
Do any of the following apply to your organization? 
  • Organizational silos and lack of collaboration?
  • Unclear business KPIs across teams?
  • Lack of proper project management tools?
  • ​Lack of necessary data and document access across teams?
  • ​Unclear cross-functional understanding e.g. across IT and business functions?
  • ​Unclear roles and responsibilities?
  • ​Unhealthy or ineffective leadership behaviors?
  • ​Unhealthy employee behaviors?
  • Change overload?
  • ​Low employee motivation and innovation?
  • ​Status quo/fearful mentality?
  • ​​Unnecessary red tape in processes?
  • ​"Fluffy" and unhelpful results from other consultants that did little to solve any problems?

In many companies, the above problems are simply brushed off as the status quo - 'the way things are.' 

Most are not aware of just how much the above issues are hurting operational efficiency and business growth.  

CultureCounts brings in a unique and holistic methodology that allows our clients to actually quantify the impacts of pain points in people, culture, processes, and tools on the business - to start taking the highest-value actions 

  • Change 360° Assessment: We conduct an extremely comprehensive assessment of your organization through a series of surveys, focus groups and one-on-one interviews, through which we assess 72 indicators across people & culture, process, and technology. We then provide deep analytical insights from the assessment on where precisely the root causes of inefficiencies lie and develop a strategy that helps you capitalize on gains in the short term while addressing long term challenges. 
  • Data and Technology In-Depth Assessment: We take a deep dive into analyzing your existing data architecture, maps, and lineage as well as systems across the organization to identify opportunities for efficiencies, consolidation, and collaboration to dramatically lower your costs. 
  • Agile Change Accelerator: We implement change in a fraction of the time it normally takes through utilizing our comprehensive toolkit of impact assessments, communications strategy planning, training planning, alignment workshops, and more. Read here how we saved a client close to 60% on change management costs. 
  • ​Agile Leadership Accelerator: We fast-track agile leadership and mindset coaching through a series of facilitated workshops, exercises, and one-on-one coaching sessions as needed to ensure that all levels of management understand the agile values and benefits. 
"You offer a perfect balance of analytical and soft skills that I have never seen before in my career." Andres Centeno, Sr. Manager at Accenture

"Thanks to how fast and intuitive you were, and your amazing communication, we were able to get our survey client back on board with us after they wanted to leave. Amazing!" Cheryl Lampkin, Senior Research Director, Abt Associates

"You understand change deeply. In my 14+ years of my career, you are the best change management professional I have ever worked with" Mona Pomraning, Managing Director and SME, Accenture

"Our Data Governance Playbook was going nowhere until you came in. THANK YOU for changing its quality dramatically and helping us actually take off with this initiative!" Rik Nuytten, EVP, Information Strategy at Cisco

“You not only gave us strategic advice but helped us implement changes in our technology, processes, and organization – which dramatically improved our ability to use data and get results! Would work with you again in a heartbeat if you are back in India. :)" Debraj Dey, Managing Director, Sony Entertainment Television

"The Change Assessment 360 was the most valuable for me. Learning what was really standing in the way was the first step to multiplying our performance. I couldn't be happier with the results." Amrita Somani, UCSF Faculty Research Leader

"Your program really helped me really tackle some of the deep issues holding my business back. I feel more confident, empowered, and motivated every time we talk." John Paul Learn, Mandala LLC
Don't miss your chance to work with the only consulting company that guarantees you ROI - NO "FLUFF."
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Why CultureCounts?
The reason we are called "CultureCounts" is that we believe against the idea that culture and change are "fluffy" words. 

Bringing in strong expertise in analytics, we work hard to help clients tie culture to actually data and business value drivers and show the ROI of culture change FAST. 

If you believe in the importance of the growth mindset and collaboration over competition, we would be a great fit for you.

Our Competitive Advantage
Most 'boutique' organizational change businesses are limited in scope and expertise, and thus, limited in the tangible business impact they can create.   
On the flip side, big 4 consulting firms often employ a one-size-fits-all, canned approach to change management that has limited effectiveness:

Our Offerings 
In a time of rapid transformation and competition in the business world, we focus on empowering organizations to become more efficient, responsive to changing conditions, and collaborative across teams. 
Areas of change expertise include, but are not limited to:  
- Data and IT strategy
- Agile Transformation
- CRM and Customer Success Transformation
- Consumer Analytics and Insights
- Mergers and Acquisitions

We also offer: 
- Leadership Coaching
- Agile Organizational Coaching 
- Entrepreneurship Coaching 

Our Network
We work with an extensive and diverse network of partner organizations, seasoned top consultants(ex-McKinsey and Accenture), and subject matter experts across industries, yet  particularly in health care, IT, media and entertainment, and financial services.

No matter how small or large your engagement is, we have the talent you need to make it all come together. 

How do we know it will work?
We have never had a client we did not help. However, your chances of success are greater if you are the type of woman who is courageous, open to growth, and ready for transformation - i.e. mindset plays a big role. 
How do we guarantee accelerated change?
The Change Accelerator Program and Toolkit offer you a complete set of tools and guidance to implement and standardize change management across your organization. We work alongside your teams and offer our best in-practice tools, frameworks, and strategies for change so you don't have to waste time "trying things out." 
Our toolkit and program is optimized to facilitate the challenging processes of change, minimizing the bumps on the road with specialized coaching you can trust.

Our promise
Our program promises increased clarity and life satisfaction within 90 days. You can read some of our case studies and testimonials above. 
What type of support do we offer?
In addition to dozens of done-for-you templates, we offer one-on-one and group coaching and facilitated learning, a Facebook community of support, and events and opportunities to perform regularly. 
Some of Our 50+ Enterprise Clients
Some of Our Main Areas of Expertise in Change Management, Across Industries, Include:
- Data and IT Strategy and Governance
- Agile Transformation Coaching
- CRM and Customer Success Transformation
- Optimizing Consumer Analytics and Insights
- Mergers and Acquisitions
- HR/IT Transformation
"I am several things in a small package: Entrepreneur, Thought Leader, 12+ years in business consulting, Accenture Alumnus, MBA from INSEAD/Wharton Program, and a Global Nomad/Performing Artist." 
"Our Playbook was going nowhere until you came in. THANK YOU for changing its quality dramatically and helping us actually take off with this initiative!" Rik Nuytten, EVP, Information Strategy at Cisco
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