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While the recent coronavirus pandemic has upended almost every industry, healthcare has definitely experienced the biggest jolt.   Possibly a “rude awakening” to the dire need for a culture change to greater agility, collaboration, and efficiency.
Healthcare was already facing pressure in 2019 with existing industry trends: increasing consolidation, price transparency, and demand for digital services. If a health system had not caught up by then, they certainly were forced to this year.  The pandemic has offered providers and payors no choice but to adapt to dramatically changed circumstances.


Using our expertise across analytics, strategy, and operations, we help you:

  • Implement technology and processes to seamlessly collaborate between departments and health systems
  • Develop a secure yet flexible data strategy that serves the organization’s needs of real-time decision making and collaboration across practices and systems
  • Utilize predictive people analytics to hire the right talent to fill gaps
  • Use agile learning strategies to eliminate unconscious bias from patient care processes
  • Identify operational inefficiencies and implement new tools and processes
  • Hire the right talent to fill gaps, if needed
  • Optimize team and individual engagement using agile learning strategies
  • Ultimately, we help healthcare organizations quickly identify what’s not working and solve it, using a multidisciplinary and measured approach.

Our Team

greg rollins
sambrita basu

Greg Rollins, MBA, PMP Healthcare HR Consultant

Sambrita Basu, MBA, ICP-ACC Healthcare Principal Consultant, Data and Change Management

Amrita Somani, PhD Healthcare Analytics Expert

Jayasree Basu, PhD Health Outcomes and Operations Expert and Scholar

Ritwik Mitra, PhD Healthcare Technology and Machine Learning Expert

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We create value by combining our unique expertise in…

Data and Analytics

Business Strategy

Neuroscience and Behavior

…And Some Creativity and the Arts

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