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Why Women’s Leadership is Needed Now More than Ever:

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“Wow wow wow. I can’t say enough about the coaching program… it has been an amazing blend of discovering my creativity, along with learning practical leadership skills to become a more confident leader and communicator. Thanks to you I’ve brought my business up 2.5 times what I was making monthly before – I know that because of all your analytical help. I would not choose any other coach ever to work with!!”

– Liz Zinar, CEO of CareChild Inc.

“Your program has helped me really tackle some of the deep issues holding my business back. I feel more confident, empowered, and motivated every time we talk.”

– John Paul Learn, Mandala LLC

About Rimi

I’m a top MBA, Certified Business and Career Coach, Performing Artist, and Neuroscience Expert!

I know, that’s a handful – and that’s what I am!

I currently run a 7-figure consulting and coaching business, after YEARS of struggling to figure out what I want to do with my life and being confused and insecure about my abilities.

I use the wealth of my experiences across countries, career types, and disciplines to help my clients from all different backgrounds develop their clarity and confidence, achieve their unique dreams, and fulfill their unique life paths.

Frustrated with the lack of progress in your current business or career?

Wanting to improve your communication and emotional intelligence, in addition to your hard skills?

​​Afraid of making a change – taking a leap and failing?

Feeling disrespected or overlooked at work and/or at home?

Feeling unclear on your goals and the clear path to get there?

Disappointing experiences with past coaches and/or mentors you’ve worked with?

“The Coaching Assessment 360 was the most valuable part for me. Learning what was really standing in my way was the first step to multiplying my income. I couldn’t be happier with the results of working with you.”

– Amrita Somani, Researcher at UCSF

Career Accelerator

Are you having trouble finding work that fulfills you financially AND emotionally?

My Career Coaching offering is a perfect fit for women who are struggling to find a job that fulfills them. 

Starting with helping you get clarity on your perfect job/role,  we then deep dive into everything from resume writing and editing, Linkedin profile optimization, interview coaching, and salary negotiation to GUARANTEE you get the right role for you!

Leadership Accelerator

Are you feeling stagnant in your current role and wanting to get noticed by leadership and move up faster? 

My Leadership Coaching offering is a perfect fit for women who are struggling in their careers and want to GET SOMEWHERE FASTER.

We start with our Women’s Leadership Assessment where we assess all aspects of your workplace presence from your communication style, passion for your work, skill level, daily habits, mindset and more. Then, we develop a strategy that GUARANTEES you ascend to new heights in your career. 

Business Accelerator

Are you in the early stages of building your own business and just not seeing the traction you want?

The Business Accelerator is a perfect fit for women who are passionate about an idea, yet are struggling to see fast results in their new business.

You will get the opportunity of leveraging the Women’s 360 Leadership Assessment that comprehensively assesses and ties together insights from your business, day-to-day operations, behaviors, and personal mindsets to find the root causes of what is holding you back. Then, using my expertise in business strategy and behavioral change, we will together develop a strategy and execution plan to help you see some results FAST, GUARANTEED.  

Leadership Coaching Accelerator

We begin with a research-backed assessment across multiple Leadership and Mindset dimensions to help you pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses as a leader and then work with you to develop a strategy and execution plan for quickly reaching your goals.  

You are magic!

– Cheryl Lampkin, Research Director, AARP

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