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Fake Agile is an organization that says it wants to grow, but is not willing to undergo the change needed to grow

This is most organizations today - why? Because this also happens to be most humans' nature. Change is hard, especially when it is mindset and behavioral change.  
Enter agile change management, as a discipline. 

In the CRM technology space, where there is rapid growth and need for increasingly advanced tools and technologies, change management can often be sidelined as the “fluffy” piece of the puzzle, especially by technical stakeholders. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, however, staff productivity decreases up to 75% during unmanaged change.

The Problem with Change Management (Hint: It’s Fluffy)
Culture is the new buzzword — along with “agile,” “customer-centric,” “diversity,” among other favorites. But these terms, over time, become so commonplace that we almost forget what they mean and how they impact us. They become boxes to check, instead of actual values to strive towards. INC. All Rights Reserved.
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