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“You’ve helped me tackle some of the deep issues holding me back in my communication and career. I feel more confident, empowered, and motivated every time we work together.”

– Elizabeth Woods, Director at ALIGN Tech

Why Work with Us?

Quite simply, it’s a no brainer. We bring together versatile expertise in HR, career and leadership development, coaching, and industry to guarantee you results. Our communication coaches work with major companies like Accenture, KPMG, Coca-Cola, Disney, and more. That’s why we are able to offer subsidized communication coaching for select individuals who show potential.

– In addition to being accredited coaches, we are all HR experts with 10+ years of experience in HR, talent recruiting, and employee development across all different sizes and industries

-We combine deep expertise in HR, business, neuroscience, and emotional intelligence to help you accelerate results. 

-We get to the root of what’s holding you back in your communication using scientific, time-tested assessments

-We have a large network of contacts that we utilize as needed to help our clients(no other coach offers this)

-We have a proven communication coaching system that works!

-We offer flexible options to suit different needs, levels, and budgets

-Finally, we believe in the potential of people, and we care!

Don’t take your communication for granted and hold back your true potential anymore.  Take Advantage of Our Discounts Before We Run Our of Space:


The Fast-Track Career Communication Coaching Program - Right Now Only $1895*

Our signature 2-month communication coaching program, designed to get you FAST, ACCELERATED RESULTS.

The program includes:

  • Assessments to determine your ideal communication style based on data
  • 16 hours of one-on-one coaching
  • Your step-by-step roadmap for the next 2 months
  • Interview/public speaking preparation
  • We tailor the sessions to your goals and include: how to empathize; using stories to persuade; unplanned speaking; vocabulary and grammar; and more
  • A personalized dashboard to keep track of your progress towards your specific goals
  • A workbook, templates, and resources to guide you through every step
  • Free membership in Communication Skills Training Mastermind – private community on Facebook 
  • Guaranteed results within 2 months

* Sale, normal price $2350

Customized Hourly Communication Coaching - $145*

We dive into a specific issue or roadblock you’re facing and work through it on an as-needed basis. 

*Normally $165


Monthly Public Speaking Class - $60

Learn the basics of effective communication  in a group setting, including storytelling, active listening and mirroring, and body language. *Normally $75


Why YOU Need a Communication Coach

From our experiences as communication coaches, we can say pretty much undeniably that communication is 80% of the battle when to comes to boosting income, getting new opportunities, and opening doors.

While your skill set, your resume, your intelligence, are all important as “first impressions,” at the end of the day, if you’re not engaging and convincing as a communicator, you can bet you won’t get very far.

However unfortunately, far too many professionals take this important skill for granted. They focus more on developing their hard skills, on perfecting their work, and on looking good “on paper.”

We’ve had more communication coaching clients than we can count who have been incredibly bright with above average intelligence, who just aren’t where they want to be in their careers. The common thread has been communication and public speaking. They feel anxious about speaking, they lack the confidence they feel they should have, and it significantly impacts both their performance and fulfillment at work.

One of our recent clients is a woman in her 50s, who felt she had reached a ceiling in terms of her career. This wasn’t gender-related in her eyes, though. She said she had had multiple bosses, both male and female, over the last few years, but none of them seemed to like her, despite her exemplary work. They didn’t want to fund her projects, and they didn’t want to promote her to lead a larger team. She felt stuck where she was, with little understanding of how she could improve. She knew it had to do with her communication skills, but she had no idea how to improve them.

What we explain to all our clients is that the goal is not just to show your expertise. It’s also to be “likable.” Very often, intelligent people are introverts, which can come off as arrogance. Or, they can be overly extroverted, talking too much. These types of behaviors can make people around them, including their supervisors, feel insecure and threatened. That was a big part of what was happening with my client. And that is the opposite effect you want to have if you’re trying to move up in your career.

In the society we live in more than in others, people want to feel comfortable with you. They want to trust you. They want to enjoy working with you. They want to feel your personality is a “fit.” That’s the whole point of the “interview” portion of hiring.

So being seen as likable and an effective and authentic communicator are of paramount importance in today’s world of work. Whether it’s for an interview, for a business presentation, for team meetings ,or just for small talk in the elevator(you’d be surprised how anxious this makes people!), communication coaching and skill building is worth the investment and time. Working with a communication coach alone can help you find your long-lost confidence in yourself, give you the exact feedback you need to hear but no one will tell you to your face, and provide you the exercises and tools you need to dramatically transform yourself and improve your impact.

Don’t take your communication for granted and hold back your true potential anymore. Learn how to express your ideas clearly, authentically, and persuasively to reach new heights in your career and relationships.

Solve My Communication Problem

Let us help you through a specific communication challenge you’re facing right now. Describe the problem(the more detailed the better, but you can keep names and identities confidential).

We’ll response within 24-48 hours with a strategy for you to solve the problem and the exact words you should use, for free!

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