How We Multiplied Employee 
Engagement and Net Promoter Score
In this PDF,  you will learn... 
"You offer a perfect balance of analytical and soft skills that I have never seen before in my career." Andres Centeno, Sr. Manager at Accenture

"Thanks to how fast and intuitive you were, and your amazing communication, we were able to get our survey client back on board with us after they wanted to leave. Amazing!" Cheryl Lampkin, Senior Research Director, Abt Associates

"You understand change deeply. In my 14+ years of my career, you are the best change management professional I have ever worked with" Mona Pomraning, Managing Director and SME, Accenture

"Our Data Governance Playbook was going nowhere until you came in. THANK YOU for changing its quality dramatically and helping us actually take off with this initiative!" Rik Nuytten, EVP, Information Strategy at Cisco

“You not only gave us strategic advice but helped us implement changes in our technology, processes, and organization – which dramatically improved our ability to use data and get results! Would work with you again in a heartbeat if you are back in India. :)" Debraj Dey, Managing Director, Sony Entertainment Television

"The Change Assessment 360 was the most valuable for me. Learning what was really standing in the way was the first step to multiplying our performance. I couldn't be happier with the results." Amrita Somani, UCSF Faculty Research Leader

"Your program really helped me really tackle some of the deep issues holding my business back. I feel more confident, empowered, and motivated every time we talk." John Paul Learn, Mandala LLC
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