How We Saved A Client 60% on IT Change Management Costs


Let’s face it, “change management” doesn’t have the greatest rep.

When I surveyed a group of engineers at a client recently, I heard the role being described as “useless,” “smoke and mirrors,” “harmful,” and even, “snake oil.”

Using Agile Change Management Accelerator®, we were able to save our Fortune 100 high-tech client 60% on costs to replace HR software for onboarding. They had initially planned to hire 2 additional change management FTEs to develop the strategy, communications, and training materials across multiple workstreams and countries being impacted by the change.

With our program, we were able to provide them a complete strategy and done-for-you tools, working across their PMO and change teams to reduce the workload significantly, requiring hiring only one extra part-time resource.
As planned, within 45 weeks, we deployed the new software globally across 7 regions, with high adoption rates and employee satisfaction.

What is Agile Change Management Accelerator®?

In short, it is a framework, toolkit, and customized consulting program. We provide companies a complete set of adaptable templates, resources, and tools needed to run effective IT change management, in less than 1/2 the time.

On top of that, since each company situation is unique, we work with you and your teams directly to implement the program effectively across your organization.

Our program is unique because it contains a comprehensive 360-Degree Organizational Assessment across people, processes, and technology, and even your metrics. It uses best-in-class knowledge on how to make behavioral change successful and sustainable.

The truth is, hiring a “change management consultant” is a mixed bag and depends completely on the quality of the person/team you work with — even then, they may not be working with the right framework for your situation. That explains the alarming statistic that 70% of change initiatives fail.

Rather than wasting hours on developing change materials from scratch, our change management toolkit gives you all of the templates, best practices, and resources you need to build your in-house change management capability successfully and efficiently.

Major Clients

“Our Playbook was going nowhere until you came in. THANK YOU for changing its quality dramatically and helping us actually take off with this initiative!”

– Rik Nuytten, EVP, Information Strategy at Cisco

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“As a change management consultant, you offer a perfect balance of analytical and soft skills that I have never seen before in my career.”

– Andres Centeno, Sr. Manager at Accenture

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“You understand change deeply. In all of my years of experience, you are the best change management professional I have ever worked with.”

– Mona Pomraning, Senior Manager in Data Governance at Accenture

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