Signature Agile Diversity and Inclusion Offerings

We Go Way Beyond “Checking Boxes” 

Workplace diversity and inclusion has traditionally been about “checking boxes,” rather than creating real impact and ROI. But we’re finding more and more that simply checking boxes is not meeting customer and employee needs, as markets become more diverse and demanding of businesses. 

Diversity and Inclusion needs to be more than a hiring strategy, more than a one-off workshop or survey. It needs to be continuously embedded in an organization’s design, processes, and tools.  

We help you develop your connected D&I strategy across the entire employee journey. We assess and address:

  • Recruitment 
  • Hiring 
  • Employee engagement
  • Workplace behavior policies and processes
  • Performance management
  • Attrition analyses

Ultimately, we help HR executives and teams optimize the ROI of their Diversity and Inclusion programs.  Using a multidisciplinary and measured approach, we help companies form cross-functional linkages across the organization, accelerating the impact of D&I efforts.

Our Agile Focus 

What many proponents of Agile don’t realize is how interconnected agile practices are to diversity and inclusion within the organization. Our Signature Agile D&I Offering trains the organization on how diversity and inclusion directly supports the agile ways of working. Through a highly interactive, effective training strategy, we transform team behaviors to become more collaborative, responsive, and inclusive. And using our analytical assessment tools, we are actually able to measure and report the impact of diversity and inclusion to your bottom line.

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We work with companies of all sizes.

Some of our enterprise clients include:

We create value by combining our unique expertise in…

Data and Analytics

Business Strategy

Neuroscience and Behavior

…And Some Creativity and the Arts

Agile coach

How NOT to Do Diversity and Inclusion

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