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We Accelerate Organization Development with Strategic HR Consulting + Targeted Coaching

“You understand people and change deeply. In all of my years of experience, you are the best organizational development consultants I have ever worked with.”


– Mona P., Accenture Digital Ventures

A No-Brainer for Your Talent Strategy, Organizational Development, and HR Consulting Needs


Why are we the best? Here are a few reasons!


  • We offer a one-stop shop, affordable solution for ALL your organizational development needs. 

  • We are a small team of HR experts who have held leadership positions at startups to large enterprises across healthcare, media, construction, and more.


  • We are able to quickly get to the root of inefficiencies using our scientific, data-driven assessments

  • We’ve cut time-to-hire in half using our people analytics tools and expertise


  • We combine expertise in business, data and analytics, neuroscience, and emotional intelligence to accelerate organizational development

  • We specialize in diversity and inclusion strategy and team and manager coaching and training & development. 

  • We have a proven process that works to help you accelerate ROI and organizational development!


We go beyond traditional startup HR consulting, because we understand that HR consulting is much more than checking boxes.  It is a core strategic advantage when done right.


We go much beyond traditional organizational development and process change management, because we understand that major technology and process improvement also require a people and culture change.  A change in mindsets, habits, and behaviors.


Best of all, we have developed tools and methods for measuring culture and tying it to performance, so our clients can solve the root causes of poor business performance and dramatically improve growth and ROI. 


…..Because remember: Culture Counts. 



We’ve worked with startups to enterprise clients. Our large clients have included..

“Your leadership helped us get our People and Culture initiatives off the ground finally! Thanks to your business expertise across the board we dramatically improved ROI per employee.”

– Elizabeth W., ALIGN

Flexible Options

A Helping Hand(2-3 months)


    • Best for ad-hoc needs if you already have an HR/ People leader

    • Talent recruiting support(flat-fee recruiting!)
    • 1 of the following:

    -Career paths mapping and succession plan

    -Performance management OR manager coaching support

    – Company/team communications and operations improvement

    -Learning and development strategy

    -Culture and employee engagement strategy

    -Diversity and inclusion(DEI) training/manager coaching

    -Compensation, benefits, and incentives


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    A Shoulder to Lean On(3-6 months)


    • Our comprehensive people operations and organizational assessment(includes technology)

    • Our analytics-based talent acquisition tool to cut talent acquisition time in half 

    • VP of People/ People team recruiting support(flat fee recruiting!)
    • 2-3 of the following: 

    HR strategy and roadmap

    -Career paths mapping and succession plan

    -Performance management process and manager coaching support

    – Company/team communications and operations improvement

    -Learning and development strategy

    -Culture and employee engagement strategy 

    -Diversity and inclusion training/manager coaching

    -Compensation, benefits, and incentives

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    Free Trial

    A Full Mind-Body Experience(6-12 months)

    • Best if you need an interim VP of People leadership and organizational design

    • VP of People/ People Operations team recruiting support(flat fee recruiting!)

    • Our comprehensive talent and organizational assessment(includes technology)

    • Our analytics based talent acquisition tool to cut recruiting and hiring time in half
    • HR leadership and team recruiting support(flat fee recruiting) 
    • Startup HR strategy and roadmap 
    • Career paths and succession plan
    • Performance management process and implementation +  coaching 
    • Learning and development strategy and development
    • Culture and employee engagement strategy 
    • Diversity and inclusion strategy and implementation 
    • Compensation, benefits and incentives review and planning 

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    Looking for something custom or a one-off service?

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    Improve Your business

    FREE 360-Degree  organizational culture Assessment 

    “You not only gave us strategic advice, but you helped us improve team communication and alignment across people, technology, and business processes. Would work with you again in a heartbeat.”

    -Ananya B., Head of Groupon India

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    “The Organizational Assessment was the most valuable for me. Learning what was really standing in the way, especially with our diversity training was the first step to improving employee engagement.”

    Philip Keleher, CEO at Kel-Tech Inc.

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    “We could not have increased our revenue the way we did without your interim HR consulting support.”

    -Douglas L., Airfox


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