Change Accelerator – Training Program & Services 
What distinguishes us from everyone else 
In a time of rapid transformation of the business world, we offer a proven, data-driven change strategy and implementation based on expertise across people, processes, data and technology. 

Our toolkit and templates are optimized to facilitate the challenging processes of change, making change management less time consuming for your company, while minimising the bumps on the road with specialised guidance you can trust.
We guarantee accelerated change
The Change Accelerator Program and Toolkit offer you a complete set of tools and guidance to implement and standardize change management across your organization. We work alongside your teams and offer our best in-practice tools, frameworks, and strategies for change so you don't have to waste time "trying things out."
How to go about presenting this to your team
This should be a welcome addition to your HR, communications, and change management teams as it offers done-for-you templates and a proven process and methodology for implementing change, as well as personalized coaching sessions.  
How our solution can work for you  
We have never had a client we did not help. However, your chances of success are greater if you are the type of leader who is courageous, open to growth, and ready for transformation -i.e. mindset plays a big role. 
Our typical contract terms
The initial Change Assessment 360 takes 1.5 months where you receive an analytics-based assessment of your organization's efficiency and a high-level roadmap for change activities in the next 3, 6, and 12 months. 

From there, if you choose to work with us on implementation of the roadmap, the contract terms are anywhere from 3-12 months depending on the scope of your project. 
What inspired us to create this program
Working in organizational change for 13+ years, we saw that most transformation initiatives fail due to inadequate communication and an unclear change management process. 

That inspired us to create a more practical solution to effectively help companies implement change management as an integral part of their business, so you get to keep the tools for the next exciting chapter of your company's growth and development.
Our promise
Our program promises increased employee productivity and engagement within 90 days. You can read some of our case studies and testimonials above. 
Additional support
In addition to dozens of done-for-you templates and assessments, we offer one-on-one and group coaching for your HR and change teams, and optional virtual workshops for your organization. 
Case Studies & Testimonials
What it Looks Like to Make Customers AND Employees Happy

"Before working with you, our Playbook was not moving anywhere and significantly lacked quality. After just one week of working with you, the quality of this asset made a dramatic improvement. You made a tremendous impact on the deliverable."

 - Rik Nuytten, Director Cisco
Rik Nuytten 

Director & Enterprise Information Management at Cisco
"The change management on this project was the highest quality I have seen in my 14 years of experience."

 - Mona Pomraning, Senior Manager, Accenture
Mona Pomraning

Director at Accenture
437 E. 80th St
New York, NY 10021
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